MadDawg Records


MadDawg Records


MadDawg Records was founded  by an audio engineer Raamond Malone as a home-based business in Riverside, CA that’s dedicated to finding, recording, and promoting independent Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, and Reggae artist.  As a Texas native Raamond made California his home after his tour of duty in the military.  Emphasizing “entertainment at its best”, MadDawg Records looks to set the standard for excellence in the music industry in both the physical and digital worlds.  MadDawg Records is also expanding the definition of what an independent record label is, as evidence by the label’s representation and roster of independent artists.

Love Wins

She knew singing would be part of her life someday, and by the age of 6-7 years old, her family noticed that her love for singing had grown and encouraged Drea Mone’ to perform. Her first talent show didn’t go well; in fact, she was so nervous and scared that she didn’t perform at all. Still a young girl waiting for her next opportunity, her mind was made up not be afraid. She’d began performing at smaller events, family functions, weddings, birthday parties and family reunions.

New Lasis - Spicy (Prod By M.Green)